Spring Time Annual Preventative Maintenance

We are coming upon our spring discount period for annual maintenance service on all of the stove and fireplace products we sell.  As usual, the discount period will run from April 1st to July 31st.  For details on pricing and scheduling please read on.

Please call as early as possible!  Even if you do not want your service scheduled until June it does not hurt to call us now to get your service request.  The dates do fill up quickly during this time of year, especially the most desirable ones, so the sooner you call us, the easier it will be for us to schedule a date that is most convenient for you.

When you call to schedule, we may not have a date for you immediately.  More often than not, we will take your service request and call you back later, so we can take the opportunity to group people based on the geographical area.  Geographic grouping is a necessity for us to keep the costs of maintenance low.

Being that annual maintenance service is usually not an immediately urgent matter, we do place priority on repair service calls.  If you call to request a routine annual maintenance please be patient, as we will hold those calls sometimes if there are other customers who need actual repair work done.

The base pricing for annual maintenance is as follows:

  • Gas stoves, fireplaces, or inserts – $155
  • Wood stove or insert (including chimney cleaning) – $240
  • Pellet stove or insert (including chimney cleaning if applicable) – $295
  • Coal stoker with direct vent system – $295
  • Coal stoker with chimney or power vent system – $295

Tax is not included to these prices, as are any parts or wear items replaced.

A $25 premium is added to the service charge if the appliance has not been serviced in 2 or more years.

If we are servicing more than one unit in the same house on the same day the first unit will be at full price and all additional units will be 10% off.  This is dependent upon the appliances serviced within the past 2 years.

You can feel free to contact us by email or phone to place your request for service.  Our contact info is as follows.

Larksville/Bloomsburg Store –

Email for Scheduling/Service – lisa@woodysfireplace.com

Phone Number – 1-800-468-7855

Honesdale Store –

Email for Scheduling/Service – dee@woodysfireplace.com

Phone Number – 570-253-9500 We look forward to hearing from you!