NFI Certified Logo

At Woody’s Fireplace we install, service, repair, and provide parts for everything that we sell. We focus on training and commit ourselves to having the most knowledgeable and professional staff possible. Our technicians are N.F.I Certified and also receive training specific to the brands of product that we deal with.

  • Installation Service – We offer installation on all of the stove and fireplace products that we sell. We only install products that were sold by us. If you are looking to purchase a new stove or fireplace and would like a sales person to contact you to answer any questions you may have please contact us.
  • Annual Maintenance Service – It is important to keep your stove or fireplace in safe and proper working order. We offer a manufacturer recommended annual maintenance service for every appliance we sell. If you purchased a stove or fireplace from us that you would like serviced please contact us.
  • Repair Service – If you purchased an appliance from us that is not functioning properly or needs any type of repair or parts replacement we can help you. We do prioritize repair work over preventative maintenance in order to get malfunctioning products fixed faster. To submit a service request for repair please contact us.
    Please note: We only service appliances that meet one or both of the following requirements — We sold the appliance – We carry the brand name that the appliance was manufactured under We are sorry if you do not meet these requirements and we are not able to service you. We have a limited staff and are committed to servicing the people who have purchased their appliances from us.