Alaska Parts

We understand the issue occurring in North East Pennsylvania with regard to access to Alaska Coal Stove replacement parts, however due to business matters outside our control, we are unable to bring in most Alaska replacement parts.

We were able to find a reliable manufacturer to receive a select number of replacement parts. Check out the table below to see what we have in stock!

Alaska Coal Stove Replacement Parts

Item NumberPictureDescriptionPrice
S-060Plastic Blower Replacement Fan Wheel$16.75
S-038MGear Motor-Paddle Feed 1 RPM$154
S-038GGear Motor-Carpet Feed-1 RPM$154
S-099AAir Motor-Paddle Feed$93.92
S-DVBDirect Vent Blower Replacement $239

We have all our parts in stock reduced to clearance prices and once we sell out of these, we will not be able to get them again!
If you see a part you’re interested in please call the Larksville store at (570) 283-2534.

Alaska Coal Stove Clearance Parts

Item NumberPictureDescriptionPrice
S-002Ash Pan 12" W x 12" L x 4-1/2" H$45.68
S-064F5 inch PV Wheel Stainless Steel$47
S-003CAsh Pan Kodiak Hand Fired-15" W x 15" L x 4" H$50
1002ASH PAN 12X13X6$45.68
S-024Gnome 40 Combustion Blower $85
S-099FAuger Feeder Motor for Model 140 (2 RPM)$93.92
S-022E105 CFM TV Fan $135
S-067BGPower Vent 5" Motor Replacement (GREEN)$520
S-084Double Water Coil Loop 90 Degrees$280

Unfortunately, we do not ship product directly to customers, so please understand you will need to pick up the item at one of our Locations.