At Woody’s Fireplace, we believe that the products we sell are part of what defines us as a business. We choose the products that we sell based on a reputation of quality and customer satisfaction among consumers. Check out the links below to see the product lines we have available.

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Custom Stone, Granite, and Marble Work
At our Larksville location, we have our own stone-cutting shop attached to our warehouse, which allows us to create custom mantles, surrounds, and shelves. These products are unlike others available as stock from other distributors in our territory. We work with granite, limestone, marble, and bluestone to create some of the most beautiful pieces in our current market. By utilizing our own shop, we can pass on cost savings to our customers for custom work!

General Hearth Accessories
We have a large selection of chimney brushes, ash vacuums, and cleaners used for self-maintenance of your unit. Regular maintenance of your unit will have it looking and burning its best!
We have a selection of hearth accessories such as coal buckets, andirons, shovel sets, cast iron steamers, hearth tool kits, cast iron lumber racks, and stove paint. These accessories can add a visual flair while still having a functional purpose!